DEPRECATED : this setup has been abandonned, due to the lack of energy inside imc-docs to maintain it. The old awstats data is still in humus:/var/lib/awstats/docs.indymedia.org.

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A few notes about our awstats setup

  • humus' Apache logs are send via syslog to kompost, for security/manageability reasons ;
  • we DON'T want to run the awstats CGI version, too dangerous ; better generate static pages ;
  • even in "static html" mode, awstats is a bit dangerous to be run on the host system (kompost), which is not supposed to run any service apart of ssh + Postfix + monitoring the vservers' security ;
  • in our setup, awstats html pages generation will be a bit of a mess : it has to be tightly integrated with logrotate (running on kompost - humus should never have write access to them after they've been sent to kompost via syslog), and has to reload humus' Apache after it's been performed : have a look to humus:/root/admin/boum-docs.indy-goodies.tgz, I'm pretty sure I've put boum's awstats/logrotate config there.

The solution

  • mount --bind, read-only, kompost:/var/log/vservers/humus/apache/docs.indymedia.org to humus:wherever
  • kompost's logrotate, when rotating /var/log/vservers/humus/apache/docs.indymedia.org, runs awstats ON HUMUS (using 'vserver humus exec ...' command)
  • humus' Apache serves the generated HTML pages as http://docs.indymedia.org/stats

Have mount -o bind,ro working

With the mainline kernel, directories mounted with -o bind,ro options are... writeable. That's why the Bind Mount Extensions(BME) kernel patches are for. A few information about this :

update : the 2.0.2 VServer patch branch already includes the Bind Mount Extensions. See KompostInfo#kernel to learn how to compile a kernel for kompost.
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