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Linefeed: General Information


Linefeed is an international collective, based in San Francisco, California, USA. Linefeed "develops technological platforms for community networks engaged in 21st century socialist projects as well as field technology for volatile situations where the rules of society are rapidly being re-written." Linefeed is relevant to Indymedia because many IMC's are hosted on their servers and they operate the first, longest-running sf-active server. Linefeed's website contains a lot of information about the group -


Linefeed was formed in 2000 as a place to host San Francisco Indymedia's website. In the backseat of a car on the way to the Republican National Convention protests in Los Angeles, the Indymedia codebase at the time (active) was forked to use mysql as the backend database (active was using postgres). Los Angeles Indymedia and San Francisco Indymedia started using this codebase. As time went on, more and more IMC collectives chose to use this forked version of active (by this time, it was called sf-active). So, more and more IMC's were hosted on the San Francisco servers. At some point, the group got big enough that it formally organized as Linefeed. Later, Linefeed partnered with the California Community Colocation Project to expand the server farm. In 2006, Linefeed helped found the San Francisco Community Colocation Project, providing server space for non-profit organizations.

Contacting Linefeed & Support Questions

IRC and Email Contact

Linefeed sysadmins can be found almost 24/7 on the Indymedia IRC network. Go to #sfkids and they will be there! Or, you can email support -at- for email contact.

Relevant URL's (linefeed's website) (sf-active website) (san francisco community colocation project)
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