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USING Mailing Lists and @indymedia.org E-Mail Addresses

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Using Mailing Lists and @indymedia.org E-Mail Addresses

MODERATING Mailing Lists

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Moderating Mailing Lists


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Administrating Mailing Lists

General Questions

Why do you work so slow and are still so unfriendly?

Most of us only got two hands and one bunch of brains. Even though we squeeze them sometimes this is not always sufficient to make everyone happy. Our response times vary related to how many we currently are, how much other stuff we got to do in both job and private life and how much fun the work is. So, if you want to improve our working speed either join us or make us happy. Both has been proven to work.

How can I help?

If you think working on the Indymedia mailing list daemon might be fun then your first step should be to subscribe to our mailing list "listwork". You do not have to be extremely technically savvy to help. Lots of jobs do not need much technical knowledge. But if you already have some this will useful, of course.

To get into contact with us in a more lively way, you can join #listwork on the Indymedia IRC server irc.indymedia.org. Although we recommend you to use full featured client software, there is also a web-based chat interface available at http://chat.indymedia.org/. Usually there is a bunch of people there, not necessarily one of the listwork crew. But if you stay for a while you can be quite sure one of us will bump in. We look forward to getting to know you and have you support us!

Where can I find in-depth technical information on Indymedia mailing lists, the daemon and the server they are hosted on?

Seems like what you are after is the Listworker's technical reference guide? The daemon is GNU Mailman and has a documentation available. Info on the mailing list server itself is available at SaraiInfo.

I have a question which is not answered here. Where do I put it?

Please check if your question has already been answered on one of these FAQs: If your question still does not have an answer, then please send your question to our request tracking system at listwork@sos.indymedia.org (remove any uppercase letters from this email address (if any), they are here as an anti-spam measure only). We will discuss it and be back to you.

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