WHY did ToniP, who does no work in listwork do all this?

First, because this set of techniques helped me immensly lately in my own work, in a similiar arrangement of a global working group. Second, because I thought that could be my first contribution to listwork! Third, becase i heard MicahA in #tech mentioning a need for some kind of TODO list, so I offered help.

Benfits of this system:

Howto use Priorities

The list of priorities defines at any moment the agenda of the LISTWORK working group development. Any change in the agenda will be reflected there.

This list of priorities solves several problems, the most important ones are:

  • we define responsibility for tasks

  • Of course anyone else can, and should, work on other people's tasks. What this means is that if each of us focues on single task only, or very few tasks, we can stop thinking about all other tasks, since we know that someone else is dealing with them. To think about single tasks, or few tasks only, means having more free mental space, and this means (theoretically) more efectivness in the tasks we take responsibllity for.

  • Anyone can participate anywhere at any moment, but the priorities define where work is needed more urgently. So, you can spend a whole day working on priority 2 in 'policy' or even in a task not listed as a priority but please consider first if your time and skills wouldn't be more needed NOW in the priorities numbered 1, especially those marked with your name (since other people will be counting on you doing those tasks you choose)

  • We could list many other tasks that need to be done, but by listing 3 and no more than 3 we force ourselves to have a clear picture of the short-mid term, avoiding overwhelming amounts of data and worries.

Is there a category missing? Please suggest one in the listwork email list (listwork@indymedia.org).

Is there a task missing? Please suggest one in the listwork email list (listwork@indymedia.org), and also suggest which current listed task should go down/fall to replace the new priority.

If you modify the list of priorities, please let the listwork email list (listwork@indymedia.org) know, and explain in short why you did it. Thanks!

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