Currently, there are two different methods by which people have access to things in listwork:

Access to the list server

The server (affectionatly known as sarai) is a multi-user linux system that listworkers and system administrators have access to in order to perform listwork tasks, and system administration tasks. We are trying to find ways to minimize this access, so not everyone has root, but some just have listwork access to deal with listwork problems and root if they are doing system administration. However, if they have listwork access, then they have access to the archives. People who have this type of access are:

MicahA - see above

Mtoups - see above


Main.ChrisC - cleans lists and comes up with suggestions that he usually can't implement suspended on 6th May 2011

pabs - see above



bou - Have sudo access in order to help cleaning out the ticket queue.



Mailman site password

The mailman site password is one password that can be used at any mailman password prompt to gain access. It allows listworkers to go to the web list configuration page for a list and look at configuration variables, and change them if needed, it also allows us to look at subscribers, archives, and anything that the list administrator can see we can see. We most often use this to change a list's password, or to see what is wrong with a list's configuration. The following people currently have the Mailman site password:

Alster - I make sure there's always enough trouble so people don't get bored.

bou - Help cleaning out the ticket queue.


-- MicahA - 12 Jan 2004

-- PatrickPatrick - 18 Jan 2004

-- PatrickPatrick - 13 May 2005

-- AlsteR - 04 Aug 2005

-- BouDica - 10 Feb 2011

-- McP - 10 Feb 2011
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