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Listwork is a working group of ImcTech people who maintain the mailing lists used by the IMCs around the world. It also sets policies for lists and email served from - the main mailing list server.

Because some lists on the IMC server have private archives, it is assumed that those people who have access to the system act as responsible with regard to this access. We do not read list archives that are private, unless there is a system problem which requires us to, and those cases are rare, and in furthering such a fix, it is in our best interests to fix the problem, not paw through private archives looking for the interesting gossip, we've got way too much to do. However, in the interests of transparency, here is the list of who does have this access, and why.

Do you have a list or email question or request? Please have a look at one of the FAQs below.

This page is for the listwork group to organize itself, please read how to, and why, to use the list of priorities first.

if any there are more then 3 tasks in a category, either create a new category if that makes sense, or add tasks to ListWorkNonPriorities. This way, we are not faced with too much information here, and we know what real priorities are.

FAQs & How-to


I tried to organize this part better in a different page ListWorkTodo. If you think i did a bad thing please revert the changes smile - pietro.

Ongoing work

Projects & TODO




Logs of listwork IRC meetings, see also previous tech meetings.


  • SaraiCryptedDisk - notes on the setting up of an encrypted partition on Sarai for keys and certs
  • ListEcologyProject - a project to look at the diversity of lists we have, their status, functions and purpose
  • NewImcMailingListIssues - A list of issues to look at before requesting the creation of a new list.
  • SaraiInfo - a page about the box that is our main list server
  • CaCertSsl - includes information about setting up TLS with postfix
  • MailmanContr - Indymedia contributions to the Mailman software


There is some sort of perverse pleasure in knowing that it's basically impossible to send a piece of hate mail through the Internet without its being touched by a gay program. --- Eric Allman, about Sendmail.

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