www.indy Migration Announcement

This email is for indymedia centers and activists to announce the transition of www.indymedia.org from active to mir and from the stallman server to edna.

IMC's and Indymedia Activists,

The server which has been hosting many indymedia sites, stallman, is loosing it's net connection on Monday the 15th of December. Over the last two months we, indymedia techies, have been working to move all the remaining indymedia sites to other servers. In the process every site has been upgraded to new indymedia software including mir, sfactive, and dadaimc depending on the preference of the local indymedia center. The last and biggest site to move is the global or network site, www.indymedia.org.

We are upgrading www.indymedia.org to new software when we move it to a new server, Edna. The server, located in New York, is named after a New York anarchist poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. The site also will have a database hosted on a new server named after Noam Chomsky.

For technical reasons we were unable to upgrade the site while maintain the old active software which we have been using for 4 years. There was a discussion on the imc-tech, www-features, and www-migration list and it was decided to switch to the mir system. Mir will allow more scaleability, better management of the features publishing process, and multilingual support.

The new site will go live before Monday the 15th of December. It will have all the functionality of the old site, but it will not have the same design and it will not work in exactly the same way. For example, people will now be able to comment directly to features on the site, and publish versions of the features in languages other than english.

The transition process is all documented at http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/StallmanMigration

A link to the new test site will be posted when it is ready. You will be able to find it from the above url. Feedback and design help would be appreciated, but right now we need to just make it work.

in solidarity, the www-migration geeks

-- RabbleRouser - 11 Dec 2003
-- PatrickPatrick - 11 Dec 2003 see diffs already
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