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This server will be named after Christopher "Monty" Mongomery, lead Xiph developer who has dedicated thousands of hours of his time freely to creating patent-free media codecs, including Ogg Vorbis. Without his work on the Ogg framework this server wouldn't be possible.

The purpose of this server will be to have a central database of all media being produced by all IMCs, worldwide, in production quality. It will allow those looking for music, audio clips, or film segments for larger works to find what they need quickly and have the high quality media (typically >1gig) shipped to them quickly, without having to track down the origional author, and be able to have many works shipped on a single disc saving shipping cost and time for all.

Timeline: Fall 2003 to Winter 2004
  1. Need to raise funds for hardware costs + initial hosting
  2. Need to find semi-permanent location for server
  3. Software needs to be written (mostly finished, needs web interface)
  4. Hardware purchase, setup
  5. Net connection established, brought online.

Hardware The server needs alot of CPU to encode media on-the-fly and alot of storage to archive all the media. The following specs are proposed:

  • 5U 19" Rackmount Case, 10 5.25" Bays ($165)
  • 650watt ATX PS ($100)
  • Tyan 2460 Dual-CPU MB ($155)
  • Dual Athlon MP 2400+ ($150 each)
  • 1gig DDR-2100 DIMM ($125)
  • 4 Western Digital 7200rpm 250gig HDs ($225 each)
  • 3ware Escalade 7500-4lp RAID controller ($250)
  • CDRW/DVDRW Drive ($120)
  • miniDV+SVHS Firewire deck ($700) Total Hardware: est $3000 (with tax, shipping, etc)

Updated --Main.ArcNLN - 10 Aug 2003


We need the server to be local and readily accessable so that DVDs of archived content can be quickly burned and shipped same day. While we will be paying more for bandwidth, this will allow us to share bandwidth with other servers to offset costs, possibly completely paying for one or more IMC servers to be hosted free of cost. Having it local also means we don't have to pay more for space, which as storage expands, may eventually fill an entire rack with hard drives.

  • Lightlink
    • Locally owned and operated, supportive of social change causes
    • T1 and SDSL options available
    • Close enough to CO to get SDSL
    • IPs available as needed, no extra cost
    • $750/mo for 1meg SDSL, $1200 for 2meg SDSL
    • Setup costs (hardware, etc) $1500 for 1meg, $2500 for 2meg
      • $500 of this is telco setup, hardware may be less if bought used
    • Accepts 100% Ithaca Hours (our local currency)
      • We should only pay <25% in Hours, still considerable
      • Could accept local currency for Ithaca-area membership
      • What amount gets paid in hours does not support globalisation
  • Others?

  • All media archived in Ogg framework (See WhyOgg)
  • Vorbis, Flac, Speex, and Theora codecs supported
  • "Previews" generated on-the-fly, re-encoded and streamed
  • Integrated with codebase to read Ogg-info, comments, etc
  • Can crop media and combine into larger works, on server

  • Setup Costs
    $3000 Network Setup: $1500
  • Recurring Costs
    • $750/mo (or $7500/year if prepaid)
  • Initial Funds Needed
    • Hardware, Setup, & 1 Year Hosting: $12k

  • All proceeds from the HactivismVideo
  • Potential cut of proceeds from other IMC videos
  • Membership fees from participating groups
  • Possible matched funds from donations/grants for hosting?
  • Archived media DVD burning/shipping (est $100-$250/mo)
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