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Welcome to NewChServerInfo. This is a web-based collaboration area for evaluating and coordinating the placement of the new Compaq Proliant DL380 server, spent to indymedia switzerland.

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It's a Compaq Proliant DL380 with:
  • 2 x 1 GHz (circa) CPU
  • 6 x 72,8 GB Ultra3 SCSI harddisks (plus 1 extra)
  • 1280 MB RAM
  • DVD-ROM dirve
  • Floppy-Disk drive
  • 2 x Ethernet connection
  • 2 x USB connection
  • Monitor connection
  • Keyboard and Mouse connections

Housing offers

  • Calyx in Holland >> see BerkmanInfo -- ArcNLN - 09 Mar 2003
  • in Denmark
  • Pittsburgh USA
    • on a university campus in a non-professional server room, but with limited access and good experiences
    • 120 megabit connection to the commodity Internet, and a virtually unlimited connection to Internet2
    • only promise this will work out for a year and a half (2004)
  • England
    • only 64 until 128 kbps
  • once there was a rumor about a place in San Franciso

Add: The people from switzerland would prefer to place the server outside the european union EU, because of possible legal problems.

Main use of the server

Until now there are different proposals about the main use of the new server:
  • Web server for serving static websites (to relieve Stallman)
    • Using the server and the offers in europe as chance to start having websites not in the own country or region (moving US/AU/... sites to europe and europe/AU/... sites to US etc.). This would be for legal reasons -- ZaragozaSavanne - 11 Mar 2003
  • Production server for Mir or different applications (to have these sites outside of the EU)
  • Community server
    • Replacement of Sarai
  • Audio/Video streaming and archive server for all IMCs -- ZaragozaSavanne - 11 Mar 2003

Temporary solution

Because it wasn't possible to find a consensus at the IRC meeting on 9th march, it has been decided to use the server temporarely as an audio/video streaming and archive server in Calyx holland to coverage the war and actions against it. >> see BerkmanInfo -- ZaragozaSavanne - 11 Mar 2003

-- ZaragozaSavanne - 11 Mar 2003
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