Public Internet (UK) Ltd ( operate 4 servers which are available for Indymedia usage. These servers are as follows:

Nickname Server location Avail. diskspace Avail. traffix/month OS Usable for contact
[machine] uk Lots 300Mbit/s OpenBSD/Debian/Solaris dns/mail/www/proxy/etc + IRC
[machine]/chrisc ca - 2Mbit/s Debian dns/mail + IRC

These servers currently proxy and hosted sites. ChrisC (IMC UK Sheffield) and TimBrown (IMC UK Leeds and Technical Director of Public Internet Ltd) can be contacted for further information.

-- TimBrown - 06 Oct 2007
-- TimBrown - 10 Oct 2004
-- TimBrown - 17 Jan 2005
-- TimBrown - 30 May 2005
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