RT administration How To

This page replaces the old one, made for the previous rt.indymedia.org, which was ran by RT version 2. The new SoS working group is on the process of building a new one and this page is intended to collect various configuration tips and admin thoughts

Queue's mail how to

RT mail backends are handled by Sarai. For each queue, you need three steps to create the two required aliases (queuemail@rt.indymedia.org and queuemail-comment@rt.indymedia.org)

(Note: replace queuemail and queuename by the needed values)

  • In virtual, you need to add lines like:
queuemail@rt.indymedia.org rt.indymedia.org-queuemail
queuemail-comment@rt.indymedia.org rt.indymedia.org-queuemail-comment

  • Then in aliases file:
rt.indymedia.org-queuemail "|/usr/bin/procmail -m RECIPIENTS='queuemail@rt.indymedia.org' /etc/request-tracker3.4/procmailrc"
rt.indymedia.org-queuemail-comment "|/usr/bin/procmail -m RECIPIENTS='queuemail-comment@rt.indymedia.org' /etc/request-tracker3.4/procmailrc"

  • Now the procmail part of the job:
* ^To: queuemail@rt.indymedia.org
|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue queuename --action correspond --url http://rt.indymedia.org
* ^To: queuemail-comment@rt.indymedia.org
|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue queuename --action comment --url http://rt.indymedia.org

At this point, emails should be able to be added to the queue (if the queue has correctly been setup).

It may be interesting to see if we can replace the url part of the rt-mailgate command with a https address

Queue creation/deletion

We could define a process of queue creation like: queues creation requests have to be posted on the RT mailing list and approved by its users, with a deadline and decision taken in a consensus mode.

What kind of things would need to/can be tracked on RT?

We can start with the server list on Sysadmin, contact each admins to ask if they are interested by RT services. Also previous RT has queues for the DNSWorkingGroup and ListworkWorkingGroup. Could be usefull to have queues for each Sysadmin working groups.

Group and Users policy

  • By default, people that dont have access to RT and create a ticket with an email can't login to rt. Those tickets are internally owned by user nobody with requestors' email address. We need a guest account, so that requestors can come to see what is the state of the queue they filled, and we need to mention its existence in the returned mail ppl receives when they create a ticket. It should be intersting to have a sort of automatically created pass returned for each new requestor
  • We need then to define what queues guest account will be able to see. Some sensitive queue may need to be hidden.
  • To permit everyone to add tickets to a queue, the right CreateTicket must be granted to Everyone in the queue configuration
  • We should add a group for each queue, so that we can define admins and different level of access per user in the group

-- BertAgaz - 10 Jun 2005
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