RT Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is RT?

A. Request Tracker (RT) is an automated system to monitor, answer, and document requests. RT comes with Web, command line, and email interfaces to its Mysql-backed data store. The user submits a form asking for help. RT send the user an electronic "ticket stub" which is used in future correspondence to refer to this problem. It also sends the user's request to the queue members, one of whom writes a reply, which RT records and forwards to the user. The ticket is then resolved.

User guide - Web interface | Developer guide

Q. What is a ticket?

A. A ticket is an item created by the public, or another imcista. It can be a bug, usage report, suggestion or whatever.

Q. What is each queue used for?

Queue Use Comments
dns dns issues  
help new requests from help desk at contact.php3
listwork listwork issues  
general n/a offline

Q. What do the ticket statuses stand for?

Status Meaning Comments
New New  
Open ? ?  
Resolved Resolved  
Stalled Not Active?  
Dead Not Useful  

Q. What happens to email sent to help@indymedia.org?

  • new email creates a new ticket
  • a reply to a ticket email adds comments and reopens the ticket.
    • the subject must retain the id string, for example: [indymedia.org #2]

Q. What about tickets created by spam email? Articles? Requests for research?


Q. Who gets sent email when a ticket is modified?


Q. What issues have been reported?

The search interface is un-intuitive --Main.BrandF
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