Queue Admininistration FAQ

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Ticket Management

Adding Tickets

Q: How can I add a ticket to the queue?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot currently use the admin interface to add a ticket. Instead, you need to write an email to the queues' email address or register a user account at http(s)://sos.indymedia.org. We're looking for a way to do that from the admin interface, too.

Spam Tickets

Q: What should I do if the ticket is in fact spam?

A: Click "zoom" to get thet details of the ticket, you'll find somewhere some text that says "report as spam." Just click on that.

Queue Management

Deleting Queues

Q: How can I delete a queue?

A: Sorry, this isn't currently possible as this would have impact on the database consistency. You can however request a queue to be suspended. There are two options: If you intend to revive this queue at a later point in time, such as for recurring events and actions, ask us to temporarily suspend your queue. In all other cases, ask us to suspend your queue.

TIP Hint: Note that you will not see a confirmation message, instead, after clicking on the 'Update' button, the 'Add new queue' form is shown. If you would like to verify your changes, please reselect the queue you just changed in the 'Change' selection box in 'Queue Management', select the queue you just suspended and click on 'Change'. You will then see the current settings for this queue. You can then safely browse away to any other page or manage other queues.

GPG Key Management

Q: I see my queue is using a gpg key. Where can I manage it? Where is the password?

A: The GPG key is managed internally by SOS. There is only one key for the whole SoS system, with an UID for each queues' email address, and the password is set up in the main SoS config. As a queue admin you don't have to do anything about the configuration yourself. However, you can request a GPG identity for your queue to be setup or removed. Please contact us so we can do this for you.

Responses Management


Q: What are Responses?

A: Responses are predefined answers, which you can use later to answer to a request. It is usefull when your queue receive regulary the same type of requests. You can then have a pre-written answer available on the right side of the screen. For example, Listwork queue have Responses for mailing list creation request, alias creation request and so.


Q: How do I setup responses for my queue?

A: Use the "AdminResponse" link just bellow the top navigation bar to create one. Clicking on it, you'll be directed to a form. Please use a Response name containing our queue name to avoid confusion. Once you've finished to write the response, submit the form and you'll be redirected to the "AdminQueueResponses" page where you'll have to assign the response to your queue. Be carefull, cause you'll have the permissions to modify other queue config too, and then can do damage on their setup.

Auto Response Management


Q: What are auto-responses?

A: Auto-reponses are emails send automatically to requestors when they do a new request, when an admin reply to a ticket, reject it or add/ask informations about it. They are usefull to have requestors being informed of news about their request.

Q: Why do I have to set them up? Is it really necessary?

A: As being a queue admin, this is your responsability to see if this feature is important. If you feel like it isn't, then don't take care of it. By default auto-responses are disabled when a new queue is created. We choose to leave the choice to set them up or not to queue admins and to do it themselves cause there are different type of auto-responses, and each time you create one you have to define to wich SoS email/queue it is assigned. As we don't feel like spending our time in copying and pasting text for each auto-responses/queue (we are very busy personns), and it can be usefull that admins can define the text of the responses depending their needs, we decided to grant queue's admins the right to set them up themselves.


Q: OK, I think I need auto-responses. How can I set that up?

A: Please follow these steps to setup your Auto Responses:
  • In the queue admins interfaces, you'll see two links just below the navbar named "AdminAutoResponse" and "AdminQueueAutoResponse".
  • Click on the first one and create your auto-responses. Don't forget to put the right queue email in the appropriate field. Please provide realiable auto-responses names, containing your queue name so that there won't be confusions, as each auto-response is assigned to a specific email address. You can find some examples at SoSTemplates, and look at defaults auto-responses to see how it can be set up.
  • Once you've finished the previous step, you'll be redirected to the second link and asked to assign the auto-response to your queue. Please take care to just modify your queue, cause you have the power to modify others queues' auto-responses.

Account Management

Account Creation

Q: How can I have an account to admin a queue?

A: Please write a mail to the mailto:sos@sos.indymedia.org sos queue, with the username you wish to have, your personnal email address you want to use and the queue you want to admin.

Q: Ok, I have an account now, what's the next step?

A: As for most of account creation, first thing is to change your password. The URL to admin queues is https://sos.indymedia.org/admin/. Go in your preferences, and do that there. Next step is to setup your preferences as you wish. You have to decide whether or not you want to be notify by mail from SoS for new tickets in the queue, changed state of a tickets and all. This is usefull if you want to be aware of news, rather than having to login regulary in SoS to see if there are, but don't want to be swamped by email either.

Q: I don't see a gpg field un my personnal preferences, where can I set that up?

A: As an admin, you don't really need to have a gpg key. In fact you won't ever need to send emails directly to the requestors as email processed through SoS are always sent by the system itself.

Password Reset

Q: I lost my password...

A: Please fill the "Lost your password?" form at https://sos.indymedia.org/admin

Account Deletion

Q: I don't need my admin account anymore. Can you delete it, please?

A: The software SoS is based on does not currently allow for deleting accounts. However, they can be deactivated. Please write a mail to the sos queue, with the username you have, the personnal email address you used for this account and the queues you were an admin for (if you do not remember all of this, let us know, too) and ask to have your account deactivated.


Q: When trying to setup an Auto-Response or a Response, I got an error message saying I haven't the needed rights to do that. What's wrong?

A: Ooops, then we've probably forgotten to grant you access to that module. Or you just shouldn't have it. wink Please contact us so we can have a look at this.

-- BertAgaz - 11 Sep 2005
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