SOS System Administration FAQ

Queue Management

Adding Queues

Q: How do I create a new queue?

A: There are a few steps to create a new queue, some by command line, the rest with the admin web interface:

  • With the command line:
  1. - Create the new address' alias in postfix configuration:
    • edit /etc/postfix/maps/virtual and put something like: queuename
    • edit /etc/postfix/maps/aliases and add:
      queuename otrs
      (Note:replace queuename by the right queue name)
    • do a postmap on virtual and a postalias on aliases, then reload postifx.
  2. - Add an UID to the pgp key of SOS with the address you just created (as you have to execute that with root privileges, don't forget to chown gnupg/ and gnupg/* back to www-data)

TIP Hint: But if you're kinda lazy, you can do all that with the script /usr/local/bin/ launched with root privileges. It will ask for needed info, will take care of all postfix manipulations and send the new key to keys.i.o :]

  • With the web interface:
  1. - Add the email address to the system
  2. - Create the group of users that will own the queue, create the admin users and add them to the group with all permissions (including rw)
  3. - Create the queue, with all the informations you've setup above
  4. - Go back to the system address setup and assign to the email address the queue you've just created

TIP Hint : To have admins' queue able to manage auto-reponses for their queue, you must add them to the "response" group

In the end, you need to
  1. - add the 'admin' role to the newly created group which is assigned to the queue, so all SoS admins will ahve access to the newly created queue, too.
  2. - eventually inform this queue's users (and admins) that they need to adjust their notification settings (in their account preferences) if they want to receive notifications for the new queue
  3. - add default autoreplies to the newly created queue
  4. - add some reply templates to the newly created queue or ask the new queue admins to send soem suggestions to (adding a reference to the queue the replies relate to)

Deleting Queues

Q: How can I delete a queue?

A: Sorry, this isn't currently possible as this would have impact on the database consistency. You can however suspend a queue.

Suspending Queues

Q: How can I suspend a queue, so it will no longer accept new tickets?

A: To suspend a queue, login as a member of the administrator group, click on the keylock icon ('Admin'), on 'Queue' (in the 'Queue & Responses' column in the 'Admin Area'). In the 'Change' selection box in 'Queue Management', select the queue you want to suspend and click on 'Change'. In the 'Valid' selection list, you can choose either 'Invalid' or 'Invalid temporarily'. If you intend to revive this queue at a later point in time, such as for recurring events and actions, select 'Invalid temporarily'. In all other cases, select 'Invalid'. To save your changes, click on 'Change'.

TIP Hint: Note that you will not see a confirmation message, instead, after clicking on the 'Update' button, the 'Add new queue' form is shown. If you would like to verify your changes, please reselect the queue you just changed in the 'Change' selection box in 'Queue Management', select the queue you just suspended and click on 'Change'. You will then see the current settings for this queue. You can then safely browse away to any other page or manage other queues.
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