Stallman Web Server Information

nb Stallman was decommissioned late autumn 2003


Pictures of stallman are here:

"born" (in action) late feb 2001. was actually serving during the seattle earthquake.

Stallman has been the main web server for most of Indymedia's existence. It still hosts a lot of IMC websites, including the global sit, Stallman is named after Richard Stallman (RMS),, who created the GNU movement,

Hosted IMCs

switzerland, sweden, seattle, ontario, boston, chicago, france, austria, nyc, rockymountain, atlanta, congo, sydney, mayday (www.indy)

Common Problems and Uncommon Solutions

Trash.StallmanProblems exists, and is dedicated to Stallman probs. (I am copying the more current data from here to there ... perhaps that page can be used for more detail, and this one for overview / list?)

BenTrem - 18 Nov 2002

see also StallmanProblems

-- ChristopherMitchell - 01 Jun 2002
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