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This is an index page for coordinating the response to the current stallman colo crisis: Stallman Going Away, Dec. 1st

  • Update 01 Dec 2003: Speakeasy will pro-rate (US$125) stallman hosting until 15 Dec 2003, so the deadline has been extended 2 weeks. Also, and are now online (see "Available servers" below).

  • Update 11. Jan 2003: Stallman is Offline. Migration Finished

[ contains some links to tars of sites that still aren't migrated: melbournearchive, imcchannel, tech, radio .... ]

Communication and coordination of hosting, hardware and migration will occur via the following:

  • ServerCoordinationDonationsCall: Call for server crisis donations, for posting on www.indy and imc-wide migration announcement email. Please make suggestions and revise asap.

Possible Colos

Available servers

Name Code-base Support Location Notes
dissent/sodor Active-Dada/SFactive Buffalo, NY, USA 2 servers available in Buffalo,N.Y.
staughton Sf-Active Pittsburgh, PA, USA preferably with images.indy, not a big server
deskaheh Dada, Mir mirrors Cortland, NY, USA
dega Dada Pittsburgh, PA, USA near full at present, see deskaheh or dissent/sodor for better options
ahimsa sf-active, dada, mir London, UK available to any IMC
noam sf-active, dada, mir ny, ny available to any IMC (see "Hardware" below for notes)
edna sf-active, dada, mir ny, ny available to any IMC (for edna st. vincent millay; see "Hardware" below for notes)

Secured Hardware
  • 2x rackmount servers + 4x 73GB SCSI SCA drives
    Costs: shipping + mutual aid donation

    • and general notes:

    • specific notes:
      • noam is top machine on shelf, black wings, front sticker says "noam".
      • noam an intel "setup program", with ~7 boot options, in addition to the separate phoenix bios.

      • Both of noam's network cards are working -- however, somehow eth0 and eth1 were reversed, so that the labels on the hardware are now incorrect. Currently, the label on the back of the machine for eth0 actually points to the eth1 card, and the eth1 card is labelled as eth0. Needs to be re-labelled. Possibly the switch happened on an install: if the network cards were identical, sometimes the id's get switched.

    • specific notes:
      • edna is bottom machine on shelf, silver wings, front sticker says "edna".
      • Apparently no intel "setup program" (see noam above).
      • eth0 is working, but eth1 is not working. Possible but unlikely that is an unseated network card, since the fit is so tight. Could be bad card. Could be software issue. Searched bios for setting, none found, could be in "setup program" (reportedly exists per manual), but this setup program could not be found/accessed so far.

Possible Hardware
  • SF server? Is this tower or rackmount?
    Costs: unknown
  • Purchasing new server(s)?
    Costs: unknown

  • Task 1


Migration information

IMCs to move

Site Code-base NotesSorted ascending
radio   akb proposes move to berkman, see imc-audio list
rockymountain   bame?
northcoast   dead, decomission? evan and steven c. started this imc, check with them.
montreal   dead?
austin Dada Dissent
atlanta Dada Dissent 99% done
seattle Mir setting up own system like portland:
contact   ideally this would stay with so it can write to global file
sydney staying Active for a while moving to a server in Oz, i suppose, but would like offshore hosting back eventually. -- andy
india Mir Moving to Brasil's server or ???
process   out of date -- use wiki instead?
tech   out of date -- use wiki instead? Mir proposed patrick will help with html/interface.
ontario IndyTWiki should be live on Ontario server by Dec. 13
newimc   this is a static website so it is easy to move -- but is way out of date! connects to "contact" database (
chicago Dada Will need to be migrated to calyx, ianb said:

IMCs finished moving

Site Code-base Notes
austria Dada done, deskaheh
bolivia mir Done: mir static moved to vox (philly) (additional mirror on DISSENT)
boston Dada Dissent 99% done
canada   current software useless after move; Kevin Smith has tarball of site, though
Vancouver to develop new test site with drupal
cleveland sf-active finished the move to sf-active (staughton) on 7 nov 03.
colombia   done, colombia was moved last year.
congo   proposal to shutdown [3] passed, decomissioned by ski, contact for copy of backups
ecuador mir Done: mir static moved to vox (philly) (additional mirror on DISSENT)
france backup the old site are backed up & written to a cd by genex
germany mir DONE
hamilton Dada deskaheh, done
hudsonmohawk (aka nycap) Dada moved to edna/dada, awaiting dns as of 12/12@13GMT
maritimes sf-active DISSENT
minneapolis Dada chris_msp moved to dada/dega (done)
mexico slashcode
newjersey   moved to edna/dada, awaiting dns as of 12/12@13GMT
nyc dada moved to edna/dada. awaiting dns as of 12/14
print sf-active now sf-active on
richmond Dada moved to dada on (done)
western massachusetts Dada Dissent
windsor Dada archive copy done; will be available on new Ontario server (IndyTWiki)
central massachusetts Dada Dissent

Misc Issues
Much room left in Buffalo-Also: Mailman install will help with mail lists

Edits: (or see Diffs)

-- PatrickPatrick - 30 Oct 2003
-- PseudoPunk - 31 oct 2003 (added moved sites section | removed that since it's all in the table)
-- MicahA - 04 Nov 2003 (made the table and a lot of additions)
-- JpL - 04 Nov 2003 (server information and page refactoring)
-- MarkB - 07 Nov 2003 (cccp link / contact db)
-- BasB - 12 Nov 2003 (added information for imc-austria)
-- BrianSzymanski - 13 Nov 2003 (added deskaheh info)
-- BrianSzymanski - 15 Nov 2003 (expanded deskaheh info)
-- BrianSzymanski - 17 Nov 2003 (update austria and atlanta)
-- JohnC-30Nov 03-(update:DISSENT: Austin-Atlanta)
-- PatrickPatrick - 02 Dec 2003 (see diffs already)
-- MattToups - 02 Dec 2003 (updates on completed IMCs, new sf-active release)
-- PatrickPatrick - 02 Dec 2003 (see diffs already)
-- PatrickPatrick - 09 Dec 2003 (see diffs already)
-- KevSmith - 10 Dec 2003 - update on Canadian site status

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