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ImcUk along with others needed a new MiR publish server as KosmosInfo is overloaded and slow, other IMCs involved include Biotech (possibly), Euskal Herria and Poland. This has been discussed on lists for several months, with acceleration of the energies put into this since the Ahimsa Seizure in October 2004. Finally, a decision was made to host a server at a colo in Seattle: see the UkRiseupServer page for more info on the location and the hardware.

"The creative person should have no other biography than his works."

B Traven was the pseudonym of a truly international author: he wrote in German, lived in Mexico, had spent time in an English prison and travelled extensively in Europe. But most of all, he delighted in his anonymity - the quest for who he was has fascinated some people as much as his actual writings. His notions of anonymity and freedom of speech seem to fit well with the ideals of indymedia - and particularly of the open-publishing to be hosted on the new server.


The purpose of this server is
To host MiR publishing sites for collectives that have gone through the NewImc process

To ask for a site to be hosted please email traven-process.

Hosted sites

In addition to the primary function of hosting Mir publishing sites the plan is to also host some mirrors of Mir sites, see TravenMirrors and TravenHostedSites for more info.



There are several email lists:



[copied from: UkRiseupServer]


  • debian 'sarge' (testing)
  • TravenSetUp information (including final partitioning)

-- GarconDuMonde - 14 Feb 2005
  • front:

  • back:

  • ports/cables:

  • overview:

  • inside complete:
    inside complete

  • closer!:

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