Traven Memory Usage

This is somewhere to keep Munin graphs, documenting the memory usage on Traven.

Tuesday 6th Dec 2005 04:30pm

Memory usage is close to the level where the tomcat restarts have been done before and it looks like the machine will start to swap... so tomcat is going to be restarted. Following are a couple of graphs from before the restart.

  • memory week 2005-12-06:
    memory week 2005-12-06

  • memory month 2005-12-06:
    memory month 2005-12-06

Sunday 4th Dec 2005 12:30am

00:22 <@chrisc> Zapata: look at the mem usage graph on traven sometime if you get a chance:
00:22 <@chrisc>
00:22 <@chrisc> i'm gonna restart tomcat - it looks like it's starting to swap again...
00:22 <@Zapata> ok
00:22 <@Zapata> wait
00:22 <@Zapata> let me do some experiments
00:23 <@chrisc> ok, cool
00:27 <@Zapata> hmmm
00:27 <@Zapata> java crashed
00:27 <@Zapata> just as I was gonna do some experiments
00:27 <@Zapata> so
00:27 <@Zapata> I'll have to do the experiments the next time it is hoarding mem
00:28 <@Zapata> do you feel the situation has improved?
00:28 <@chrisc> mir is a *lot* faster
00:29 <@chrisc> traven has more sites than before
00:29 <@Zapata> but mem-wise?
00:29 <@Zapata> right
00:29 <@chrisc> but mem usage is going up a hell of a lot faster
00:29 <@chrisc> look at the monthly graph
00:29 <@Zapata> but I think it's highly suspicious the mem usage isn't stable
00:29 <@chrisc> shallow saw tooth shapes is b4 upgrade and extra sites
00:29 <@chrisc> steep ones are since...

  • memory week 2005-12-04:
    memory week 2005-12-04

  • memory month 2005-12-04:
    memory month 2005-12-04

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