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Traven will be set up to mirror Indymedia Mir sites that have public rsync servers, these are listed on MirrorHowTo the sites will be in /imc/mir/ the directory structure used here is a copy of that on AhimsaJojojojojojoInfo.

This script is being used for getting and updating the mirrors:

How to export a clean version of the Mir Database

It would be nice if we exported our database as-is without rendering it to HTML. Others could then use the data as they wish. Wikipedia already does that, so we could do it too.

This has now been automated:

/usr/local/sbin/sanitise-mir-db DBNAME >DUMP.tar.gz

(for now, this probably won't work unless you run it as the "postgres" user).

The list of commands is the following:

Setup - commands to run only once:

Create a new DB to back up the previous one.
createdb -U postgres devback

Log in as administrator
psql devback postgres

Give the right priviledges to the db user.

Backup/export process - To do everytime you need to back up:

Dump the db (-a only data, -u ask for user, -v verbose) Note that we assume that the schema is known (and it is therefore not dumpped).
pg_dump -a -u -v  dev > db.bak

Load into the new database Ignoring the duplicate index warnings should be fine (?)
psql devback dev < db.bak

Clean sensitive tables:
DELETE FROM webdb_users;
DELETE FROM messages;
DELETE FROM filter_group;
UPDATE content SET comment = 'NO COMMENT';

Output the new database:
pg_dump -D -u -v  devback > db_clean.bak

-- ManosSi - 14 Apr 2005
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