The Plan

Reinstall Vox with Debian stable on two brand new hardrives inside the box named nox.

The Partition Scheme

We're looking at running LVM on top of RAID, for reliable, flexible operation(and the possibility of easily adding encrypted partitions once the basic install is complete). The model we're basing this off of is from the smart kids in the UK who set up Traven, which is documented in TravenSetUp.

So what we will do is partition each of the two new drives as follows:

hdx1 /     3GB 
hdx2 swap  2GB
hdx3 LVM   75GB

We'll follow this for software RAID:

We'll be following the doc here for LVM2:

-- JohnDudaAccount - 15 Jul 2005

i suggest you also look at using dmcrypt - - it's tested to work well with lvm, allowing for resizing partitions up and down.

-- GarconDuMonde - 15 Jul 2005

If installing remotely

This should not be an issue since vox's removal to LAVA, but...

We'll follow this HOWTO for doing the remote Debian install:

We'll use the following to test our new debian kernel, with grub booting it once, so we get red hat on powercycle:

-- RolandoDeAguiar - 21 Jul 2005
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