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Welcome to the home of the Sysadmin WikiWeb on Foswiki. This is a web-based collaboration area for System Administration side of Indymedia network

Information appearing here may overlap with information on the imc-tech working group wiki. Please think before posting to make sure you placing information where people will look for it. If in doubt, post it once, then put a note on the other web with a link to if you think the overlap is sufficient.

General Tech Stuff goes to the ImcTech Page.

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Server Offline? Check the ServerStatus and MonitoringSetup pages for the status of various IMC servers

Server List

This is merely a list of mythical boxes ... how can someone ping them?!

Replied to ping (no further test)

Bizarre cases or no usable info or ping won't reply

Didn't reply correctly to ping TARGET (TARGET is based on info given and defaults to

charge dropped

Offline Server List

Servers that used to host indymedia goo, but are now offline/decommissioned.



(move all this stuff to a new Tech Categorie)

Non English Docs


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