Issues that should be resolved before moratorium ends
  • Handling money discussion
  • Cityname accts - disabled, no login, or what?
  • space issues - (this killed us on stallman over and over and over)
  • what do we offer IMCs? (pop3 mail, list hosting, web stats, swiss bank accts)
  • what do we expect from IMCs (tech help, money, first born childen, participation on zero list)
  • IP policy - turn off IP logging by default?
  • How many sites before we wait a bit to see what traffic does to us

Other issues
  • Handling DNS
  • mailing list stuff (archiving, postfix V qmail, mailman ... ( what list do we even discuss this on as it sortof goes beyond the zero collective and into the bandwidthcoop domain?)
  • documenting stuff on the wiki
  • multimedia server (each IMC can use the one that stallman uses for audio, video, images - - all you have to do is request a login, and you're set. contact brian for details)

-- ChristopherMitchell - 20 Mar 2003
Topic revision: r2 - 21 Mar 2003, BrianSzymanski
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