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The ImcOppression pages are for attacks against indymedia activists for their role doing indymedia. See GlobalLegalAndMoreInfoPage for other sorts of global oppression against indymedia, especially RepressionAgainstIndymedia for repression against IMCs). Please help integrate these pages and keep them up-to-date. The ImcOppression page works by automatically including individual pages: you can edit the following pages directly ImcOppression2001, ImcOppression2002, ImcOppression2003, ImcOppression2004, ImcOppression2005, ImcOppression2006, ImcOppression2007?, ImcOppression2008?, ImcOppression2009?, ImcOppression2010?, ... .

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Salzburg, Austria, June/July 2001

  • Journalist arrested, police destroys video material from imc people, reports en: 1 2, reports de: 3 | 4

Genoa, Italy, July 2001

  • Raid of IMC centre & hospitalisation of journalist at anti-G8 protests
  • indymedia activists arrested and blamed with the publixtheatrecaravan outside Genoa

Ottawa, Canada, November 2001

  • IMC camera operator arrested at anti-IMF/World Bank demonstration

Georgia, USA, November 2001

  • Arrest of IMC journalist at demo against School of the Americas

Seattle, USA, May 2001

  • FBI demand IMC logs and impose gag order on IMC

Ohio, May 2001

  • IMC domain owner served subpoena to appear before Ohio grand jury and release IP logs

Copenhagen, January 2002

  • IMC journalist arrested at EU Summit demo

Italy, March 2002

  • Police raids on "IMC offices" in *Bologna, Florence, Turin, Taranto

San Francisco, May 2002

  • IMC videographer arrested while covering an antiwar demonstration.

Israel, May 2002

  • Investigation into IMC Israel after publication of "Factories of Death" article

South Africa, September 2002

  • Arrest of IMC journalist, dispute over accreditation

Washington DC, September 2002

  • Two IMC journalist arrested in anti-WTO/World Bank demonstration

Argentina, October, 2002

Sydney, Australia, November 2002

  • Arrest of IMC journalist in anti-WTO demonstration

San Francisco, March 2003

  • IMC radio reporter arrested while covering an antiwar demonstration.
  • California Highway Patrol revokes press credentials for SF Bay Area Indymedia reporters.

Urbana, USA, May 2003

  • Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center closed down for fire code violations

St Louis, USA, May 2003

  • Police search IMC St Louis offices

Argentina, June 2003

Evian, June 2003

Dublin, July 2003

  • IMC journalist arrested at EU Summit demo

Miami, USA, November 2003

  • Assault and arrest of 4 IMC journalists during demonstrations against

the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Miami, USA, November 2003

  • Arrest of IMC journalist covering a jail solidarity rally

Israel, December 2003

  • Investigation of IMC Israel for "incitement"

San Francisco, March 2004

  • IMC videographer arrested, thumb broken while covering police violence at an antiwar demonstration.

Thailand, April 2004

  • Arrest of IMC journalist

Ecuador, 29 June 2004 KILLED

  • IMC Ecuador (IMC Guayaquil) founding member and leader of Pachakutik youth organisation, Lenin Cali Nájera, assassinated on 29 June 2004
  • reports: global feature: (english (original) | español | français | deutsch | nederlands | italiano | greek | esperanto | asturianu | italiano | português | Turkish | romanian | euskara | croatian | Danish | Russian)
  • de - en - es - eu - fr
  • photo: 1

New York City, August 2004

  • 5-7 Indymedia journalists arrested at Republican National Convention

New York, August, 2004

  • FBI seek records of IMC New York internet postings
    • - NYC IMC actually got served three times between Summer 2004 and Winter 2005: once by the NYC Law Department, once by the NYPD, and once by the US Secret Service.Copious (and fascinating) documentation of said subpoenas

Trafalgar Square, London, October 2004

  • Arrest of IMC journalist at European Social Forum

London, October 2004

San Diego, January 2005.

  • IMC journalist arrested during "Reclaim the Streets" action

Goiania, Brazil, February 2005

  • Arrest of two IMC journalists during eviction

Warsaw, Poland, May 2005

Argentina, June, 2005

Bristol, England, June 2005

Tomball, Texas, June 2005

  • Arrest of IMC journalist at anti-KKK rally

California, USA, July 2005

  • Arrest of IMC journalist for dropping cigarette butt.

Manila, Philippines, July 2005

  • IMC journalist arrested during protest at US Embassy

Arizona, July 2005

  • IMC journalist arrested for trespass

London, Oct 2005

  • IMC journalist arrested at anarchist book fair

Brasil November 4th, 2005

Oaxaca, Mexico, 27 October 2006 KILLED

  • BradWillandothersDeadinOaxaca - Brad Will from IMC New York City shot dead along with one (or two) local teachers participating in teachers' mass resistance

other attempts to collect info on oppression of indymedia activists

Eye of the Storm (EOTS)

raphael and andres of EOTS (Eye of the Storm) are collecting info on IMC repression. It seems to be an IMC Argentina - IMC SF cooperation.

Or in Portuguese here:

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